Physics2018 S2 5.28.19

Select one of the following videos and describe the physics of what is going on. In about 1/2 page to a page.

Bio2018 S2 5.28.19

Read the following article talking about different types of selection. summarize how each works. Then read the problem sets and figure out the type of selection they are talking about write down the problem set number, the type of selection, and the clues that helped you figure it out. …

Bio2018 S2 Evo 5.20.19

Pick 15 misunderstandings about evolution rewrite them, and then explain in your own words how they are incorrect. Using this website here Please include this statement “Evolution is just a theory” and “Evolution and Religion are incompatible” in your 15.

Bio2018 S2 5.13.19

Read the following article. Here Then Answer the following questions 1)What is gene linkage?2)How does gene linkage work?3)How do you know that genes are linked?4)What does a high recombination frequency vs. a low recombination frequency mean?5) How do genes become un-linked?