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Answer the following questions carefully and with some thought…

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Here is also the virus project

Virus project

Name of virus:_______________________

Make a 3-D shape of your virus. (make sure you find that actual electron microscope image of your virus and double check that it isn’t just a random virus) The colors you use does not matter, only the shape and the texture of the outside.

On the Front of a 4×6 or 3×5 card 

The Name of the virus

On the back of that card write:

-The size of the virus in nm(nanometers)  you might have to estimate from a picture with a scale on it… if so write, for example, 210nm est.

-The type of genetic material:  single stranded DNA, double stranded DNA, single stranded RNA, double stranded RNA, and if  a Retrovirus

-Where the virus originated from (nidus)?  Ex. birds, cats, pigs, etc.

-Disease caused and in what:


-Is there a vaccine/ name of vaccine

Have your 3-D model hang from a string and then the Card hangs from the 3-D model

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